+ Faced with this displeasure

::002:: [Voice]

[The comm clicks on and there's hesitance. Then some whimpering and a whine]

O-Oz? Y-Young Master?!

W-Where... are you? I... I'm lost and the Master will scold me if I can't f-find you..

[A whine again and maybe some unseen flailing]

D-Does anyone know.. where I can find him?

What if he's hurt? Or worse...

...M-Master... where are you..

[[ooc: Someone went wandering and got cursed. So. You all get treated to him acting as he did when he was 14~ Have fun~]]

003; video

[The video feed twitches for a moment before coming into focus on a twelve centimetre tall Lenalee. She's standing on her desk in front of her laptop, hands on her hips. From the way she's moving, she's actually yelling when she speaks, so the microphone can pick her up properly, but her voice is still a little faint.]

All things considered, I suppose it could be worse. I'm not having any trouble getting places and I'm not really in any danger of being stepped on, but...

It's really hard to find something small enough to eat and I'm getting hungry!
+ Doubting this life

::001:: [Voice]

Where is this? It can‘t be Sabrie..

[A distinct pause and a sigh follows]

What’s going on? Oz…? Is he… alone? I left him there..

If anyone can hear me on this, answer me. [a pause and a shuffle in the background]

I want to know where I am and who put me here…

….and I.. if anyone has a cigarette?

Video 2

[The laptop comes on to Lavi sitting on the edge of the bed, looking up from his lap. He looking with a displeased and almost embarassed expression. The high pitched tone that comes when he speaks might be the reason why]

These curses are getting weirder. Be careful when you go look around, yeah?

Allen, Lena, Yuu? You guys been hit yet?

((That's right, helium curse. Lavi's poor luck caught up again. Do be warned, though. There's one more curse he's afflicted with, but he's not aware of it just yet~))

| voice |

[there was some rummaging around and noises that could be heard along with a few displeased tones. obviously someone didn't care too much about their arrangements and didn't quite know that others could hear him.]

Ugh. What is this anyway?

001 | Voice

Ну! Dream is very real for being in head. Not even beach has real feeling like this! Look at little thing! Is very silly--

smashes some buttons because that's totally what you do when you don't know what something does.] Is pretty boring though.

But have I been invited to someone else's house by accident? Little thing is making noises at Russia, please be quiet! --I am sorry, comrade, but perhaps you send letter ahead next time! Is very rude to drag someone out of important meeting, окей? And especially to leave behind all of his drink.

...Unless it is-- ah. You must still work on sense of humor. Is not very funny yet, Да? Russia does not think this is Boss' idea of Cooperation either. Little thing should stop doing that now, оке-- [It cuts off.] 


002 ~ voice

[It's the middle of the night, and Hibari pipes in, sounding determined not to be exhausted. He's sleepy, but can't seem to get to sleep tonight. The recording is accidental, and at first there's just the sound of kitchen utensils being shoved around.]

...No tea.