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19 September 2009 @ 12:21 am
The next thing you know, you're in a hotel room. It's comfortable, the temperature is moderated, everything's clean... and there's someone over to the side of you. This is your roommate, and you're going to be stuck with them... at least for a while. On the nightstand next to you, there are jewels and stones... there is nothing else aside from the regular furnishings, and what you managed to bring with you over into this other world.

A laptop on the edge of your bed opens up suddenly, and a message is typed on to the screen. It's an extremely peppy welcome message bidding you welcome into the city of Scelti, along with minor information about how it came to be. A quick map of the peculiar city flashes on the screen. You can barely read everything being typed up on the black screen. But now it's slowed to a stop, there's a pause... Oh what's this? This time, it tells you: "Have a nice stay, because you can never leave this place."

Color flashes on the screen; a futuristic desktop now greets you. Hey, forget about the fact that you can never go back home. It'll be fun--would you like to give a name to your new friend, the Contrivance?

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19 September 2009 @ 04:01 pm
[After waking up in such a strange place, Tsuna is, of course, worried. He really just wanted to find everyone and make sure they were alright. Hopefully Gokudera-kun and Haru-chan can make it over to his place safely and quickly. After that they should head over to sector one and pick up Kyoko, and he really hopes she's safe too.

Maybe when Tsuna calms down they can start looking for information about this strange place themselves in, and why they were there...]

I hope everyone's okay...