September 27th, 2009

Voice 1

[A pause, and the rustling of... papers? Where did he get those, even I don't know. The sound of the laptop being moved and Lavi shifting to a more comfortable position as he speaks]

I understand some people weren't acting like themselves this past week, yeah? I was wondering if I could talk to the affected parties. It's just a few questions to find out what's going on, nothing big.

❀ action 01 . . .

[ Have you ever heard someone spend about one-hundred dollars on cake? Here's Kyoko buying two very expensive cakes for Haru. Kyoko did, spending her sapphire and getting back only an aquamarine. One for their Appreciation Day to share together and one for later... for herself, or to share with Gokudera... or Tsuna-kun. It was last evening when Haru became depressed over... well, whatever happened with Gokudera.

For Kyoko, she didn't quite understand, but went to spend the night with Haru and comfort her anyway. It didn't matter if she was confused when it came to her friend being sad. But she was only left in the dark due to her, surprisingly, not being cursed last week. But now... she's about to find out. Too bad Kyoko had to venture out a very early Sunday morning to pick up the cakes, and walk back using the same path... which bears the same curse Haru and Gokudera went through.

Brb trying to sneak in and use a whispering tone of voice. Since Haru may or may not be awake by now.]

Haru-chan... are you awake? [ Tip toeing in with the cakes behind her back. ]

Um...! Sorry I left so early this morning, but now I'm back a-and... [ And now Kyoko reveals the bag with two delicious cakes! You know you must eat them! ] Happy Appreciation Day!!