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01 October 2009 @ 04:24 am
I'm so happy all of my friends are here~!

((ooc: affected with personality change))
01 October 2009 @ 06:46 pm
Aiite, listen up motherfuckers. Everyone's confused so here's the deal:

Scelti is a domed city for a reason; the world is a screwed up place now. There was a large scale bioterrorism in this world which wiped out a lot of fucking people. Scelti brought together some people who could survive... which isn't a lot. I'm one of those people, given a duty to make use of my life in some shitty post-apocalyptic state. I am a overseer to the city, so don't fuck with me. I'm not in charge, unfortunately I have to take orders from some fucking 'higer-ups' to check on you bitches. But I'm not the only one who are observers. There are some other people that serve the city and run the different aspects to it. You may already know these people, but no one gives a shit if you don't. Somehow a team of pencil neck scientists managed to survive as well, and they're working on trying to create a new line of life that can actually survive. Or whatever. They're the ones in charge because they know their shit.

To me it's all just science bullshit.

Surprisingly those scrawny geeks somehow managed to pull in a bunch of people from other universes. I'm not sure how long they wanna keep you fuckers, but I can tell you that you're not going back any time soon. So sit down, shut the hell up, and make yourselves at home already. They want to take notes and collect data so that they can be able to mimic life. I don't think they can do that kind of shit, only God can do that. Fuckin' scientists...

But they've already found out how to create it, and that ain't good enough so they wanna be able to create ones with various personalities, or some shit. I guess they wanna do something more than just make an super hero powered Adam and Eve, or maybe that's what they wanna do. I don't know, I'm not a fucking scientist so don't ask me any fucking questions either. The only thing I can say for sure though is that since those retards can't control who comes here to this city, we are going to have to have some kind of population control. Both because there's some kind of supernatural shit behind it, and... well, we don't want this city to get like China. Y'know what I mean?

Or not. You all probably came from some Planet Japan diddly-shit. Well guess what: I came from the Bronx, bitches. We didn't have your fancy magic bullshit. In the Bronx, we fought to stay alive and we beat up any bitch that got in our way. And now you have to do the same, or at least that's what those scientists are pretty much gonna want you to fuckin' do, so do it. Another thing: if you're gonna do us that favor and kill off some people, pick the weaker people. And if not, we're probably gonna do it for you. Oh yeah. There are some tests this month you're gonna have to go through, and that is one way to get back to your home. Just sayin'.

This is Darius. Over and out.

[ and a clicking noise because Darius doesn't want to deal with your shit ]