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08 October 2009 @ 06:22 pm
[ Kyoko's excessive crying state gets caught on the network as her Contrivance turns on out of... concern, it seems. Sometimes her sobs are hushed, barely audible, like she's trying to bury them in her pillow. Other times she's bawling and can't seem to stop. Kyoko can't even remember if she has ever cried this badly before... She knows what she's crying about, but at the same time... why would she cry this bad? She was depressed, yes, but she rarely cried like this... and for so long, too.

And for the record, sob sob sobbing is at hand, but feel free to interrupt. ]
08 October 2009 @ 07:16 pm
Well, the votes came close. So close that I think I'll give a minor hint to the sector that came in second. Y'know, originally I wasn't going to do this, but I'm generous. I know, I know, you can worship me later. I'll admit it though. You all did surprisingly great aaaalthough some of the tricks you made them learn weren't the things that we were looking for... But since we didn't say what we wanted, give yourselves all a pat on the back because you all did well even though it was a competition and only one was supposed to win.

The only negative comment I have to say about the event is... Seriously, Sector 8? Seriously? Come on. You had to have someone else come in and train your ram for you. Well not that you had to, but I'd say you're lucky savvy individuals of more capability came in and helped. Sadly, because of this you have become disqualified and all the votes for your sector goes instead to Sector 10. Which in turn makes them the winner of such an event. Tsk tsk. Also, Sector 4, great job--even though having the ram attack us was... very unexpected.

And strangely enough, second place goes to Sector 9. Congratulations for your... what was it? Flame Road Ram? It was interesting of you to make use out of such a pathetic specimen. Much applause.

~ ~ ~

Private to Sector 10 inhabitants.Collapse )
- - - - -

Private to Sector 9 inhabitants.Collapse )
~ ~ ~

。◕‿◕。 If you have any questions, I definitely won't answer them! Ta-ta for now.

( OOC: Backdating this back to Sunday so he's not cursed and is talking normally. Why all the way back? I've been stuck with a lot of studying and test taking for my college classes. SO, I apologize about this, along with any other entries that might pop up, being so late. )