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09 October 2009 @ 06:50 pm
[ An unfamiliar, female voice seems to fill the city, as well as the Contrivances in people's rooms. ]

Alright everyone~ Prepare for the first test called the Nature Hunt! Here you will be off and about in the woods nearby the city, where there is a lake as well. A lot of flowers have mysteriously sprouted within the past week or so and we want you to be able to find what's causing it! And yes, it's a monster. A SPECIAL monster. Fufufu...

The person, or people if you wish to work together, and those of their sector--or sectors--will be declared winners of the first test. While losing this test will not disqualify you from the next two tests, it is essential to win these tests since we will tally everyone up in the end for the fourth test, where only a very select few can win.

What will you win? Well, you may be able to leave for your world--for a moderate amount of time, but it's better than nothing, right? That, or you can become the king or queen for this city... or whatever you may wish for. A trip back home, royalty, fame, money, power... love... It could be anything.

Rules? There are none, to be honest--but we advise you not to damage any trees or nature, or you will be killed and thrown down the well. No questions asked. This is your only warning.

The test will last the entire weekend, or until our little culprit is found.

Ready, set... go!
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