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This is a world of "nothingness"... Within Scelti's domed walls lies nature and life that has been preserved the best it can be alongside futuristic city sectors. But they need more life to study, to preserve, since those who have made the city are all that's left from a highly successful act of bioterrorism years ago.

You have been brought here to this city for this purpose--presented with a nicely furnished room you can sleep at night with little worry and money so that you can purchase things you will need for your long-term stay, the city is undoubtedly generous to its visitors. And on top of all that... There are festivals and tests to keep you busy and entertained, so you can adapt easily and feel much more comfortable. Scelti's not such a bad place, now is it?

Except your only hope now is to survive the higher-ups' exponentially distorted idea of natural selection.

And a post-apocalyptic multifandom RPG. Not to mention it's slightly futuristic and includes supernatural elements as well. The latter being something you probably wouldn't expect from something seemingly based around science. Set in the domed city of Scelti, you will find a pleasant lifestyle if you can handle the almost excess amount of times you may come in contact with death.

Remember: killing is a-okay here. Please just don't harm the fruit trees.


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